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2020-05-29Fixing packageBrenton Horne
2020-05-29Bumping to 180.git.9f9d403Brenton Horne
2020-05-06Bumping to 179.git.c317a98Brenton Horne
2019-09-27New commit, that will hopefully build betterBrenton Horne
2019-09-02OK, nothing is working so let's just revert to mono>=5.4 as depBrenton Horne
2019-09-02Maybe adding mono>=5.4 to builddeps will fix this...Brenton Horne
2019-09-02Mono48 is still being listed as a possible dep, so mono>5.4 is req nowBrenton Horne
2019-09-02rm msbuild dep, adding mono>=5.4 reqBrenton Horne
2019-09-02Adding msbuild build depBrenton Horne
2019-07-28164->166Brenton Horne
2019-07-14134->164Brenton Horne
2019-03-28Mv make ver to build so upd pkgver is usedBrenton Horne
2019-03-23Adjusting make ver lineBrenton Horne
2019-03-23Adjusting make ver lineBrenton Horne
2019-03-23Initial commitBrenton Horne