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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-20new upstream 1.7.4nick black
2020-09-19new upstream version 1.7.3nick black
2020-09-13ninja installnick black
2020-09-13build with ninjanick black
2020-09-10new upstream version 1.7.2nick black
2020-09-01new upstream 1.7.1nick black
2020-08-30new upstream 1.7.0nick black
2020-08-30new upstream 1.6.20nick black
2020-08-27new upstream 1.6.19nick black
2020-08-12new upstream 1.6.12nick black
2020-08-03new upstream 1.6.11nick black
2020-08-02new upstream 1.6.10nick black
2020-07-27new upstream 1.6.9nick black
2020-07-211.6.6-2: Properly build and install Pythonnick black
2020-07-20new upstream 1.6.6nick black
2020-07-16new upstream 1.6.3, adapt to new python packagingnick black
2020-07-14new upstream 1.6.1nick black
2020-07-06new upstream 1.6.0nick black
2020-06-29new upstream 1.5.3nick black
2020-06-19new upstream 1.5.2nick black
2020-06-15new upstream 1.5.1nick black
2020-06-08new upstream 1.5.0nick black
2020-06-01new upstream black
2020-05-24new upstream 1.4.3nick black
2020-05-20new upstream black
2020-05-17new upstream black
2020-05-10new upstream 1.4.1nick black
2020-05-07notcurses 1.3.4, new upstreamnick black
2020-04-26New upstream 1.3.3nick black
2020-04-22Add qrcodegen makedepends, needed for 1.3.3nick black
2020-04-19New upstream -> 1.3.2nick black
2020-04-11New upstream 1.3.0nick black
2020-04-11New upstream 1.2.9nick black
2020-04-11Enable python installnick black
2020-04-10New upstream 1.2.8nick black
2020-04-05Notcurses 1.2.5, new upstreamnick black
2020-03-24new version 1.2.4nick black
2020-03-07New upstream version 1.2.3nick black
2020-02-24new upstream, fix data pathnick black
2020-02-22compile with RelWithDebInfonick black
2020-02-22fix things up for 1.2.2 installnick black
2020-02-20New upstream 1.2.1, fix Python installationnick black
2020-02-20Get python working on archnick black
2020-02-18New upstream version 1.2.0nick black
2020-02-13New upstream v1.1.8nick black
2020-02-10New upstream v1.1.7nick black
2020-02-05Use make DESTDIR for correct NOTCURSES_SHAREnick black
2020-02-05v1.1.5 new upstreamnick black
2020-02-02new upstream 1.1.4nick black
2020-02-01-2: add dep on doctestnick black