path: root/PKGBUILD
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-27Forgot to push up pkgrel lolHurricanePootis
2021-04-27Add autoswag Vulkan SDKHurricanePootis
2021-04-06Updated the PKGBUILD to use downloaded Vulkan SDK and GLSLANG to actually get...HurricanePootis
2020-10-14fix to system glslangMitch Bigelow
2020-04-13unpin commitMitch Bigelow
2020-04-03pin commitMitch Bigelow
2020-02-11Disable building toolsMitch Bigelow
2020-02-11Disable building examplesMitch Bigelow
2020-01-21add glslang to build depsMitch Bigelow
2019-08-04don't delete cmake filesMitch Bigelow
2019-07-31fixes for upstream changesUtkan Güngördü
2019-07-19enable vulkanUtkan Güngördü
2019-07-19initial commitUtkan Güngördü