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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-08-30Update to 0.4.2. Project moved from Launchpad to githubTed Alff
2018-08-11Version bump 0.4.1Ted Alff
2018-04-24Version bump 0.4.0Ted Alff
2017-08-11Updated dependenciesTed Alff
2017-02-10Update optdepends for webcam support.Ted Alff
2017-01-06Force a python 3.6 rebuild.Ted Alff
2016-11-06Adopted and updated to 0.3.2Ted Alff
2016-10-31remove install fileMarcus Behrendt
2016-10-31updpkgverMarcus Behrendt
2015-11-13updated to 0.3.0Stary 2001
2015-07-24initial commitStary 2001