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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-16switched to b_ndebug=false for now, also corrected permissions for license fileLone_Wolf
2020-07-02re-enabled LTOLone_Wolf
2020-06-23driconf translation files no longer require separate ninja command, removedLone_Wolf
2020-06-08update deprecated meson optionsLone_Wolf
2020-05-18disabled lto, see and
2020-05-01enabled LTOLone_Wolf
2020-04-30added vulkan-device-select-layerLone_Wolf
2020-04-19updated for llvm/clang 10Lone_Wolf
2020-04-10opencl was failing unless certain depends were installed, added optdepends to...Lone_Wolf
2020-04-10opencl-mesa was missing from provides, correctedLone_Wolf
2020-04-06cleaned up providesLone_Wolf
2020-03-06added commands to update translation files (used by DRI configuration tool)Lone_Wolf
2020-03-05corrected some typosLone_Wolf
2020-02-12added zstd as dependecy, also building with zstd=trueLW-archlinux
2020-02-11switched source to
2020-01-26updated maintainer email addressLW-archlinux
2020-01-01updated llvm dependency versionLW-archlinux
2019-12-15remove undesired script from /usr/binLW-archlinux
2019-10-29added gallium zink, removed GLES v1 support (nothing seems to use it)LW-archlinux
2019-10-16updated version requirement for repo llvm to 9.0.0LW-archlinux
2019-10-03libglvnd 1.2.0 entered extra, depend on it againLW-archlinux
2019-09-28switch from extra/libglvnd to aur libglvnd12LW-archlinux
2019-09-05mesa-git patch for llvm trunk builds included in master, removed itLW-archlinux
2019-09-03opencl build fail was due to llvm trunk commits that were reverted, opencl su...LW-archlinux
2019-09-02added patch for clang compiler invocation error, unfortunately that gives new...LW-archlinux
2019-08-05updated llvm dependency to 8.0.1LW-archlinux
2019-07-09changes in provides & conflicts arrays : incorrect mesa-vulkan-layer replaced...LW-archlinux
2019-07-03removed patch that is now in master, added mesa-vulkan-layer to provides & co...LW-archlinux
2019-06-29add patch to solve opencl build with latest clang trunkLW-archlinux
2019-06-04changed depends to distinguish between aur llvm-git and llvm-git from LH unof...LW-archlinux
2019-05-30corrected use of NINJAFLAGSLW-archlinux
2019-05-27users should validate NINJAFLAGS value, not PKGBUILDLW-archlinux
2019-05-24minor changes to makedependsLW-archlinux
2019-05-23regression solved upstream, removed patchLW-archlinux
2019-05-21apply patch to fix regressionLW-archlinux
2019-05-20revert a commit that causes visual corruption & error messagesLW-archlinux
2019-05-14switch MESA_WHICH_LLVM option 1 to *-minimal-git packagesLW-archlinux
2019-05-14switched envvar to MESA_WHICH_LLVM with new default=4 llvm (stable from extra)LW-archlinux
2019-05-12moved removal of _build folder to prepare()LW-archlinux
2019-05-09use environment variable to select llvm package to build againstLW-archlinux
2019-05-04switch to llvm-git dependeniesLW-archlinux
2019-05-03switched to NINJAFLAGSLW-archlinux
2019-04-28ninja uses MAKEFLAGS envvar now, switched to llvm-lw-git and associated packa...LW-archlinux
2019-04-17get ninja to use MAKEFLAGSLW-archlinux
2019-04-12switched to llvm-gitLW-archlinux
2019-04-06added glslang as depLW-archlinux
2019-03-27enabled support for vulkan overlayLW-archlinux
2019-03-09removing libGLESv{1_CM,2}.so* is no longer needed, see https://cgit.freedeskt...LW-archlinux
2019-02-25added suppport for experimental intel iris gallium driverLW-archlinux
2018-12-16removed codegenoptions patchLW-archlinux