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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysRemoved already applied patch in upstream from PKGBUILD.Reza Jahanbakhshi
9 daysAdded missing patch line in the prepare function.Reza Jahanbakhshi
9 daysllvm moved Targetregistry.h to another folder, see Jahanbakhshi
2021-09-14patch included in main and no longer needed, removedLone_Wolf
2021-09-13hasParamAttr issue has been partially solved, edited & renamed patchLone_Wolf
2021-09-10patch added to solve build failure, see
2021-07-10Updated system clang to 12.0.1Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-06-20crocus driver added to the PKGBUILD.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-06-07Changed llvm and libraries to the latest official version.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-05-10Default branch moved from master to mainReza Jahanbakhshi
2021-04-15Master just got a fix for building against llvm 12 and later, so the patch fo...Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-04-13virtio-experimental vulkan driver enabledReza Jahanbakhshi
2021-03-27PKGBUILD updated to reflect the change in meson vulkan-layers options.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-03-27Removing script file from /usr/bin is not necessary anymore.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-03-038543.patch has been applied in upstream so removing it here.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-02-24Missing semicolon in patch file issue fixed.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-02-23added patch to allow building clover / opencl with llvm trunkLone_Wolf
2021-02-19Use llvm 11.1.0Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-01-21Updated PKGBUILD to point to the correct package base directory.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-01-21Updated .SRCINFOReza Jahanbakhshi
2021-01-21Applied patch required for building against llvm-git. clover: Fix build with ...Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-01-13updated repo llvm dependencyLone_Wolf
2021-01-03corrected default llvm settingLone_Wolf
2021-01-03mesa-vulkan should have been vulkan-mesa, and that was renamed to vulkan-swra...Lone_Wolf
2020-12-11enabled lavapipe for software based vulkan supportLone_Wolf
2020-12-11change osmesa value to true, see
2020-12-07disabled microsoft-clcLone_Wolf
2020-12-06disabled microsoft-clcLone_Wolf
2020-11-12updated llvm versionLone_Wolf
2020-08-21building without asserts ( b_ndebug=true) works again with gcc 10.2.0Lone_Wolf
2020-08-13drm is now automatically selected, removed drm from platformsLone_Wolf
2020-08-13removed surfaceless from platforms as it always selected nowLone_Wolf
2020-08-13removed some obsolete linesLone_Wolf
2020-07-30re-uploaded with correct SRCINFOLone_Wolf
2020-07-28updated llvm version reqLone_Wolf
2020-07-16switched to b_ndebug=false for now, also corrected permissions for license fileLone_Wolf
2020-07-02re-enabled LTOLone_Wolf
2020-06-23driconf translation files no longer require separate ninja command, removedLone_Wolf
2020-06-08update deprecated meson optionsLone_Wolf
2020-05-18disabled lto, see and
2020-05-01enabled LTOLone_Wolf
2020-04-30added vulkan-device-select-layerLone_Wolf
2020-04-19updated for llvm/clang 10Lone_Wolf
2020-04-10opencl was failing unless certain depends were installed, added optdepends to...Lone_Wolf
2020-04-10opencl-mesa was missing from provides, correctedLone_Wolf
2020-04-06cleaned up providesLone_Wolf
2020-03-06added commands to update translation files (used by DRI configuration tool)Lone_Wolf
2020-03-05corrected some typosLone_Wolf
2020-02-12added zstd as dependecy, also building with zstd=trueLW-archlinux
2020-02-11switched source to