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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-25Install app.asar.unpacked to fix runtime errorSebastiaan Lokhorst
2019-10-150.15.1 & fix buildSebastiaan Lokhorst
2019-06-10Add previous maintainers as contributorsDavid Birks
2019-05-15Change to use system electronDavid Birks
2019-05-15Change 4 spaces to 2 spacesDavid Birks
2019-05-15Change to my PKGBUILD preferencesDavid Birks
2019-05-14Update to 0.14.0David Birks
2019-01-08upgpkg: marktext 0.13.65-1Simon Doppler
2018-12-29upgpkg: marktext 0.13.53-1Simon Doppler
2018-12-29upgpkg: marktext 0.13.53-1Simon Doppler
2018-07-04Removed an accidentaly pasted lineDaniel Peukert
2018-06-27upgpkg: marktext 0.12.25-1Simon Doppler
2018-06-12upgpkg: marktext 0.11.42-1Simon Doppler
2018-05-01Fix commentsSimon Doppler
2018-05-01Initial commitSimon Doppler