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2021-07-25[lilac] updated to 7.487-1lilac
2021-07-20[lilac] updated to 7.486-1lilac
2021-06-09[lilac] updated to 7.481-1lilac
2021-03-29upgrade to 7.475Butui Hu
2019-12-05Update to 7.453Steffen Weber
2019-10-01Update to 7.429Steffen Weber
2019-05-21Update to 7.427Steffen Weber
2018-10-28Update to 7.407Steffen Weber
2018-03-10Update to 7.394Steffen Weber
2017-12-12Update to 7.313Steffen Weber
2017-10-29Update to 7.312Steffen Weber
2017-10-12switch to httpsSteffen Weber
2017-03-18Update to 7.310Steffen Weber
2017-01-26Update to 7.309Steffen Weber
2017-01-14Update to 7.307Steffen Weber
2017-01-04Update to 7.305Steffen Weber
2016-08-13Update to 7.304Steffen Weber
2016-03-06Update to 7.273Steffen Weber
2016-01-22Update to 7.271Steffen Weber
2016-01-05Update to 7.270Steffen Weber
2015-12-14Update to 7.267Steffen Weber
2015-08-15Update to 7.245Steffen Weber
2015-06-14Initial importSteffen Weber