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3 daysupdate to 1:0.5.5Raimar Bühmann
2019-03-08update to 1:0.5.4Raimar Bühmann
2017-05-23update to 1:0.5.3.r1017.20170523Raimar Bühmann
2017-05-17update to 0.5.3.r1013Raimar Bühmann
2017-01-10update to 0.5.3.r1011Raimar Bühmann
2016-08-21update to r999Raimar Bühmann
2016-08-03add dependency libappindicator-gtk2Raimar Bühmann
2016-04-19update to r997Raimar Bühmann
2016-02-14update to r975Raimar Bühmann
2015-10-20update to r969Raimar Bühmann
2015-06-10change group from lxde to lxde-gitRaimar Bühmann
2015-06-08initial importRaimar Bühmann