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2016-06-23version has more help and manpage updateburt1iband
-H option gives more verbose help than -h, manpage close to good. Favorites file has a few more entries
2016-06-23update to 0.5.4burt1iband
Read thechange
2016-06-23Update to 0.5.3burt1iband
bug fixed so that changing favorites file from the config menu now works as expected. Added option to start a call when lplic is launched/changed theold -s option to -S to make start call option consistent with linphonec which uses -s for this.
2016-06-22version bumped/linphonec -s completesburt1iband
The -s option now completes numbers from history
2016-06-22completion improved/bash-completion now depburt1iband
Completions are now useful enough to make bash-completion a firm dependency instead of an optional dep as it was. Manpage now mentions completion functionality as it also enhances linphonec run with out the main lpclic script.
2016-06-21New version adds initial bash-completionburt1iband
2016-06-21Menu display updateburt1iband
Minor upstream changes bump the version to
2016-06-20Mnor version update/bug fixesburt1iband
Last bad dir references removed upstream, so version bumped.
2016-06-19optdepend bash-completionaddedburt1iband
bash-completion helps linpphonec itself, but as improving linphonec is the goal of this package I added the optdepend.
2016-06-18version bumpted to
First run code was partially broken, and some old path refferences in the main script had not been changed to reflect the new package name/new path. This has been fixed, and all should work as expected on initial run and there after.
2016-06-18lpclic: a better way to use linphonecburt1iband
lpclic makes linphonec, the linphone CLI more usable by optimizing the display of the command history.