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2020-03-21Update to version 1.18.12Infernio
2019-08-11Update to version 1.18.8Infernio
2019-03-07Update to version 1.18.6Infernio
2018-11-02Add new maintainerInfernio
2018-11-02Update to version 1.18.4Infernio
2018-06-17several fixeshaawda
2018-06-11Update to version 1.18.0Tilo Brueckner
2018-01-19Update to version 1.16.20Tilo Brueckner
2017-07-07Update to version 1.16.18Tilo Brueckner
2017-03-23Update to version 1.16.16Tilo Brueckner
2017-02-25Update to version 1.16.14Tilo Brueckner
2016-12-28Update to version 1.16.12Tilo Brueckner
2016-08-01Update to version 1.16.10Tilo Brueckner
2016-03-11Update to version 1.16.8Tilo Brueckner
2015-09-04Update to version 1.16.6Tilo Brueckner
2015-07-28Fixes for eclipse 4.5Tilo Brueckner
2015-06-08Initial importTilo Brueckner