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2020-03-04Updated lmms-git. Hopefully it won't be constantly asking for updates.Sławomir Śpiewak
2020-01-22Fixed TravisCI build fail.Sławomir Śpiewak
2019-06-18Fixed a bug where bash auto-completion installs in wrong directoryslawomir
2018-10-25PKGBUILD: Matching settings from [community] lmms package. Adding Maintainer ...David Runge
2018-06-01version bump (rc6)Difarem
2017-11-25removed stray commasDifarem
2017-11-25set up git submodules for rpmallocDifarem
2017-10-21sync with official PKGBUILD before orphaning, update will require rpmallocXyne
2016-04-14Resynchronized deps and optdeps with repo package.Xyne
2015-06-21Initial import.Xyne