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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-10Fix nvenc on older gpusAlexandre Demers
2021-04-30Update to 4.4Alexandre Demers
2021-04-02FS#70010 remove obsolete libsrt fix and update version restriction on x264Alexandre Demers
2021-03-28Update the x265 and x264 version dependencies.Alexandre Demers
2021-03-27Update to 4.3.2Alexandre Demers
2021-01-27Sync with dav1d 0.8.1, remove omx, change libsrt patch and add some dependenciesAlexandre Demers
2020-11-22Rebuild against latest lib32-vmaf 1.5.3Alexandre Demers
2020-09-28Fix issue 8760 - building against libstr 1.4.1 and newerAlexandre Demers
2020-08-14Enforce x264 >= 160Alexandre Demers
2020-08-13Rebuild against updated x264Alexandre Demers
2020-07-15Update to 4.3.1 and fix makepkg's sub-dependenciesAlexandre Demers
2020-06-21Split libraries from executables, rebuild against latest x265 and aomAlexandre Demers
2020-05-27fix start time for MP3 filesAlexandre Demers
2020-05-26Update to 4.2.3Alexandre Demers
2020-05-25Rebuild after dav1d package updateAlexandre Demers
2020-05-12Add VMAF support and Change default vmaf model path to Arch defaultsAlexandre Demers
2020-05-09Update building against lib32-dav1dAlexandre Demers
2020-04-24add support for libsrt and fix x265 minimum versionAlexandre Demers
2020-03-29Force rebuilt after dav1d 0.6.0Alexandre Demers
2020-01-30Small update to x264 dependencyAlexandre Demers
2020-01-30Update to 4.2.2Alexandre Demers
2019-11-06x265 3.2 rebuildAlexandre Demers
2019-09-18Update to 4.2.1 and make dav1d the default av1 decoderAlexandre Demers
2019-08-15Add dav1d supportAlexandre Demers
2019-08-08Update to 4.2 - dAV1d disabledAlexandre Demers
2019-07-12Update to 4.1.4Alexandre Demers
2019-04-26Build with libdrm and aomAlexandre Demers
2019-04-02Add a check on lib32-x264's version, 1567 is needed.Alexandre Demers
2019-04-01Update to 4.1.3Alexandre Demers
2019-04-01Drop libavresampleAlexandre Demers
2019-03-29Update to 4.1.2Alexandre Demers
2019-02-19Update to 4.1.1Alexandre Demers
2018-12-14Actually add missing "git" to makedepends listAlexandre Demers
2018-12-14Add missing build dependency.Alexandre Demers
2018-11-06Updating to 4.1 and .gitignoreAlexandre Demers
2018-11-03Update to 4.0.3 and change srcAlexandre Demers
2018-08-21X264 rebuild after lib32-libx264 disappearanceAlexandre Demers
2018-07-19Update to 4.0.2 and explicitly enable JackAlexandre Demers
2018-06-27Updating against 4.0.1Alexandre Demers
2018-06-12Update according to system's arch packageAlexandre Demers
2018-04-21Update to 4.0Alexandre Demers
2018-04-16Adding missing patch used in native packageAlexandre Demers
2018-02-13Update to 3.4.2Alexandre Demers
2017-12-11Update to 3.4.1Alexandre Demers
2017-10-24Update to 3.4.0 and remove schroedinger dependencyAlexandre Demers
2017-08-15Removed hardening-wrapper dependency and added lib32-libvdpauAlexandre Demers
2017-08-03Updated to 3.3.3Alexandre Demers
2017-06-08Updating to 3.3.2 with a small cleanupAlexandre Demers
2017-05-16Updated to 3.3.1Alexandre Demers
2017-04-16Updated to 3.3, fixed build optionsAlexandre Demers