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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-27Update for Matrix, simplify depsMichael Lass
2019-02-25Leia hit the repos, let's make it the defaultMichael Lass
2019-02-05Prepare for Leia and remove support for obsolete versionsMichael Lass
2017-02-06Update for KryptonMichael Lass
2017-02-02Help cmake finding kodiMichael Lass
2017-01-09Update default versionMichael Lass
2017-01-09Prepare for Kodi 17Michael Lass
2016-02-29This plugin needs libplatform at runtimeMichael Lass
2016-02-24Change default target API to JarvisMichael Lass
2016-02-04Differentiate between API versionsMichael Lass
2015-08-09Improve dependenciesMichael Lass
2015-07-26Clarify that Helix is not supportedMichael Lass
2015-07-26Add armv7h to archMichael Lass
2015-07-25Inital commitMichael Lass