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2021-10-16Updated to version 1.7.0Heine Pedersen
2021-01-05Updated to version 1.6.0Heine Pedersen
2020-10-28Updated to version 1.5.0Heine Pedersen
2020-06-07Updated to version 1.4.1Heine Pedersen
2020-05-14Updated to version 1.4.0Heine Pedersen
2020-03-17Updated to version 1.3.1Heine Pedersen
2020-02-17Updated to version 1.3.0 + use tarball instead of zip fileHeine Pedersen
2020-01-11Updated to version 1.2.0Heine Pedersen
2019-10-11Corrected icon nameHeine Pedersen
2019-10-08Conformed to pkgbuild guidelinesHeine Pedersen
2019-10-06First version of packageHeine Pedersen