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2020-07-23update to version W. Ko
2020-02-07fix checksumRaymond W. Ko
2020-02-07update to version W. Ko
2020-01-21update to version W. Ko
2019-12-05update to version W. Ko
2019-08-18update to version W. Ko
2019-03-03bump to version W. Ko
2018-07-26bump version to W. Ko
2018-03-18Bump version to Modanese
2018-01-12Add java-openjfx as dependencyAugusto Modanese
2017-12-01Correct maintainer emailAugusto Modanese
2017-12-01Replace md5sums with sha512sumsAugusto Modanese
2017-12-01Bump version to Modanese
2017-12-01Adopt packageAugusto Modanese
2016-12-05updating the package versionMax Zhao
2016-04-06updating package to newest version and changing java dependencyMax Zhao
2016-01-17Initial commitMax Zhao