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12 daysupdateJohannes Graën
2020-12-25version 5.2 > 5.3Johannes Graën
2020-09-175.1 > 5.2Johannes Graën
2020-07-14fix .desktop fileJohannes Graën
2020-03-21version 5.1Johannes Graën
2020-03-11year in license file changedJohannes Graën
2020-02-01fix paths in json filesJohannes Graën
2020-01-29+x for jabrefHost.pyJohannes Graën
2020-01-06can I actually downgrade the pkgver?Johannes Graën
2020-01-04server headers case insensitiveJohannes Graën
2020-01-04server headers case insensitiveJohannes Graën
2019-12-13adapt to source fileJohannes Graën
2019-12-13file renamed on serverJohannes Graën
2019-11-21+x for helper toolsJohannes Graën
2019-10-16version number in filename forces re-downloadJohannes Graën
2019-10-15architecture change: jar file > precompiled binaryJohannes Graën
2019-09-01java8 > java11Johannes Graën
2019-08-05versionJohannes Graën
2019-08-05fix checksum, renamed packageJohannes Graën
2019-05-27SKIP checksum check for jar fileJohannes Graën
2019-04-29initJohannes Graën