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2021-11-13Version bump to 2.23.0Carlos Aznarán Laos
2019-12-11Hypre 2.18.2Christian Pfeiffer
2019-06-28Moved HYPRE headers to subfolderChristian Pfeiffer
2019-06-28Update to 2.16.0Christian Pfeiffer
2018-12-16Updated to 2.15.1, enabled FEI, MLI, SuperLU_DISTChristian Pfeiffer
2017-08-25Updated to 2.11.2Winston Wu
2016-04-26Updated to 2.11.0Alessandro G Magnasco
2015-12-07Bump to version 2.10.1getzze
2015-11-09Download without SSLgetzze
2015-09-29Initial importgetzze