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2021-08-27Update to revision 20210625Mauro Santos
2021-04-24Update to revision 20210303Mauro Santos
2021-02-13Update to revision 20210112Mauro Santos
2020-12-14Update to revision 20201212Mauro Santos
2019-06-25Update to revision 20190329Mauro Santos
2018-01-30Update to revision 20171225Mauro Santos
2017-11-18Update to revision 20170814Mauro Santos
2017-07-23Update to revision 20170615Mauro Santos
Don't override PKGEXT Use sha256sum instead of sha512sum Remove unneeded build function
2017-05-01Update to revision 20170309Mauro Santos
2016-11-07Update to revision 20161001Mauro Santos
Use sha512sums instead of md5sums
2016-03-03Update to revision 20160206Mauro Santos
2016-02-03Update to revision 20160202Mauro Santos
2015-12-18Update to revision 20151003Mauro Santos
2015-07-15Update pkgver.Mauro Santos
2015-07-15Add .gitignore to keep sources and package.Mauro Santos
Don't compress package.
2015-06-25Initial importMauro Santos