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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-242.17.1Nate Levesque
2021-11-282.17.0Nate Levesque
2021-11-112.16.2Nate Levesque
2021-06-282.16.1Nate Levesque
2021-06-272.16.0 + depends slopNate Levesque
2021-04-122.15.0Nate Levesque
2021-03-302.14.0Nate Levesque
2020-12-062.13.0Nate Levesque
2020-11-272.12.4Nate Levesque
2020-10-212.12.2Nate Levesque
2020-04-20Update for v2.12.1Nate Levesque
2020-02-05Update for v2.12.0Nate Levesque
2019-12-26Update for v2.11.0Nate Levesque
2019-11-02Update for v2.10.2Nate Levesque
2019-01-03Update for v2.10.1Nate Levesque
2018-09-16Add force to python installNate Levesque
2018-01-23Update for v2.10.0Nate Levesque
2017-10-24Update for v2.9.3Nate Levesque
2017-10-10Update for v2.9.2Nate Levesque
2017-10-08Update for v2.9.1Nate Levesque
2017-10-08Update for v2.9.0Nate Levesque
2017-08-17Update for v2.8.0Nate Levesque
2017-07-08Update for v2.7.3Nate Levesque
2017-06-09Update for v2.7.2Nate Levesque
2017-06-01Update for v2.7.1Nate Levesque
2017-05-22Add missing opt dependsNate Levesque
2017-05-22Update for v2.7.0Nate Levesque
2017-04-22Update for v2.6.3Nate Levesque
2017-02-27Update for v2.6.1Nate Levesque
2016-12-21Update for v2.6.0Nate Levesque
2016-12-11Update for v2.5.7Nate Levesque
2016-11-03Update for v2.5.6Nate Levesque
2016-10-28Bump to v2.5.5, add gitignoreNate Levesque
2016-10-02Update for v2.5.4Nate Levesque
2016-09-29Update to v2.5.3Nate Levesque
2016-05-29Version 2.5.2Nate Levesque
2016-04-23Update for v2.5.1Nate Levesque
2016-04-23Update for v2.5.0Nate Levesque
2016-04-22Remove unzip as make dependencyNate Levesque
2016-04-18Upgrade to v2.4.0Nate Levesque
2016-04-17Bump to version 2.3.4Nate Levesque
2016-04-17Switch to using tarball instead of zipNate Levesque
2016-04-17Bump to v2.3.3Nate Levesque
2016-04-17Bump to version 2.3.2Nate Levesque
2016-01-13Update to v2.3.1Nate Levesque
2015-11-24Update to v2.3.0Nate Levesque
2015-11-05Update for v2.2.4Nate Levesque
2015-11-04Update to 2.2.3-1Nate Levesque
2015-10-14Update for v2.1.0Nate Levesque
2015-09-22Add pygtk to dependenciesNate Levesque