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2020-01-15Version Mikaelyan
2016-08-02Revert pkgrel back to 1Albert Mikaelyan
2016-08-02Add armv7h supportAlbert Mikaelyan
2016-04-26Fix qmake optionsAlbert Mikaelyan
2016-04-24Add conflicts to each packageAlbert Mikaelyan
2016-04-17Add descriptionAlbert Mikaelyan
2016-04-16Updated version and fixed dependenciesAlbert Mikaelyan
2016-04-16Updated dependenciesAlbert Mikaelyan
2016-04-11Update versionAlbert Mikaelyan
2016-04-11Removed strip, and no longer necessary patchAlbert Mikaelyan
2016-03-28Add strip to binariesAlbert Mikaelyan
2016-03-27Update to and remove upgradeAlbert Mikaelyan
2015-07-08initial commitLe Duc Hieu