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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-24stupid whitespace change changed the checksum of gradle.shDominic
2019-08-23install /usr/bin/gradle4 instead of gradle; remove conflict with gradleDominic
2019-03-10update to 4.10.3Dominic
2018-09-27update to 4.10.2Dominic
2018-08-29update to 4.10Dominic
2018-08-18update to 4.9Dominic
2018-07-14update to 4.8.1Dominic
2018-06-16update to 4.8Dominic
2018-04-20update to 4.7-1Dominic
2018-03-10update to 4.6Dominic
2017-09-24update to 4.2Dominic
2017-08-10update to 4.1Dominic
2017-07-29update to 4.0.2Dominic
2017-07-16gradle4 4.0.1-1Dominic