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2015-05-23[govpn] 3.3Zhuoyun Wei
2015-05-11[govpn] Remove noextractZhuoyun Wei
2015-05-10Update GoVPN to 3.2. Simplify its building and installationSergey Matveev
* This version contains dependent libraries source code and makefile works with $GOPATH itself. Remove GOPATH setting. * Use newly appeared install target that puts binaries, installs info-documentation, utility scripts * Use install-strip target to make binaries smaller * Remove documentation produced with install-target. Override its contents with HTML docs.
2015-05-06[govpn] 3.1Zhuoyun Wei
2015-05-03GoVPN 3.0 release appearedSergey Matveev
2015-05-01[govpn] 2.4Zhuoyun Wei
Signed-off-by: Zhuoyun Wei <>
2015-04-30GoVPN new release appearedSergey Matveev
2015-04-30[govpn] Bump pkgrelZhuoyun Wei
- Thanks to original author! See previous merge commit - Fix a filename typo Signed-off-by: Zhuoyun Wei <>
2015-04-30Install utility together with binariesSergey Matveev
This utility is not necessary required, but is useful and convenient enough to be provided together with everything else.
2015-04-30Use officially distributed release tarballs instead of Github's tag snapshotsSergey Matveev
Officially distributed tarball already contains PlantUML and Texinfo processed documentation. This removes PlantUML and Texinfo dependency at all.
2015-04-27[govpn] 2.3Zhuoyun Wei
2015-03-28[govpn] 2.2Zhuoyun Wei
2015-03-14Add govpnZhuoyun Wei