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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-22support arbitrary integrity checksXZS
2016-07-20break long linesXZS
2016-07-20improve location metricXZS
2016-04-22fix version comparisonXZS
2016-04-04propagate gnome-shell 3.20 compatibilityXZS
2016-04-04compile translationsXZS
2016-03-23propagate upstream updateXZS
2016-03-23end grep trickery, it has been bustedXZS
2016-02-17propagate upstream updateXZS
2016-02-07version provided non-git variantXZS
2015-10-11Update package to latest commitXZS
2015-08-06sort package functionsXZS
2015-08-05properly order and quote variablesXZS
2015-07-28intital import from old AUR version 3XZS