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27 hoursThe two backends are now merged! \o/Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-12-20Build in Release mode, thanks refi.64 for noticing.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-12-20Specify the correct libdir to be /usr/lib.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-03-06Also provide and conflict with glfw-x11 or glfw-wayland.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-02-06Bump pkgver, and regenerate the .SRCINFO.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-02-06Add mesa to the makedepends, as it’s the only package to provide wayland-egl.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-02-06Make the libgl dependency optional, and add Vulkan too.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-02-06Provide the expected future version.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-02-06Install the mandatory LICENSE file.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-02-06Reorganise build instructions.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-01-26Fix install scriptRicardo Vieira
2016-06-03Update to version 3.2Ricardo Vieira
2016-04-20Add wayland-protocols and extra-cmake-modules to makedependenciesRicardo Vieira
2015-07-19Fix provides versionRicardo Vieira
2015-07-11Split this package into an X11 and a Wayland versions.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-06-11Import from AURv3Ricardo Vieira