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2018-06-09Upstream has movedPeter Hofmann
2017-09-16License changed to MITPeter Hofmann
2016-08-21Remove Vim from optdepends, update urlPeter Hofmann
2016-08-21Update for post-16.08 versionsPeter Hofmann
2015-06-14Bump pkgverPeter Hofmann
2013-11-15Bump $pkgver of git packagesPeter Hofmann
2013-11-15Add $provides and $conflicts to all git packagesPeter Hofmann
2013-08-31gitary: gitary-functions is gonePeter Hofmann
2013-04-05Update all PKGBUILDs for pacman 4.1Peter Hofmann
2012-09-24Revert "gitary: Now depends on ncurses."Peter Hofmann
2012-09-23gitary: Now depends on ncurses.Peter Hofmann
2012-09-22Added PKGBUILD for gitary.Peter Hofmann