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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-05-09Update _pkver_base to 11.0.0Philipp Claßen
2020-01-22Fix build issuesPhilipp Claßen
2019-05-04Fixed: /usr/lib/liblsan_preinit.o and /usr/lib/libtsan_preinit.o were not ↵Philipp Claßen
2019-05-03Trying to fix package conflictsPhilipp Claßen
2019-05-03Enabled Fortran support to be closer to the "gcc" package.Philipp Claßen
(Before the change, it failed to install if "gcc-fortran" is installed.)
2019-05-02Update _pkver_base to 10.0.0Philipp Claßen
2019-03-09Update _pkver_base to 9.0.1Philipp Claßen
2018-05-02Upgraded _pkgver_base from 8.0.1 to 9.0.0Philipp Claßen
2018-01-22Upgraded to 8.0.1Philipp Claßen
2017-12-15Fixed: Cilk++ support was droppedPhilipp Claßen
2017-05-11Fail fast if _pkgver_base needs to be updatedPhilipp Claßen
2017-05-02Upgrade pkgver to 8.0.0Philipp Claßen
2017-02-17Fixed: _pkgver_base has to match pkgverPhilipp Claßen
2016-05-05Updated to GCC 7.0Philipp Claßen
2016-04-10Fixed an install problem by applying the same workaroundPhilipp Claßen
for the hard-coded 6.0.0 version as it is used in gcc-git
2016-02-15fixed: "gcc-libs-multilib-git" also provides "gcc-libs-multilib"Philipp Claßen
2016-02-14Added makedepends 'git'Philipp Claßen
2016-02-14Added workaround when CHOST is x86_64-unknown-linux-gnuPhilipp Claßen
2015-06-14Updated pkverPhilipp Claßen
2015-06-13Initial versionPhilipp Claßen