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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-07Update to v5.0.0Marc ROZANC
2018-05-04Update to new build with network fixMarc ROZANC
2018-05-02Update to 4.8Marc ROZANC
2018-04-16Update to new binariesMarc ROZANC
2018-04-14Update to new binary with statuc binding to curlMarc ROZANC
2018-04-10Upgrade to 4.7-106Marc ROZANC
2018-04-09Update to 4.6-104Marc ROZANC
2017-07-01Update to version 4.5-102Marc ROZANC
2016-11-22Removes rpmextract dependencyMarc ROZANC
2016-09-01Updates sha256sums for the new dhelper.dat (license activation)Marc Rozanc
2016-09-01Update to 4.4-100Marc Rozanc
2016-02-01Changes the download URL.Marc Rozanc
2015-11-12Update to 4.3-95Marc Rozanc
2015-07-31checksum updateMarc Rozanc
2015-07-06Initial importMarc Rozanc