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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 hoursVersion 1.12Justin Jacobs
2019-07-28Version 1.11Justin Jacobs
2019-05-19Update to v1.10Justin Jacobs
2019-01-25Specify source/build directory for cmakeJustin Jacobs
2018-12-12Version 1.09.01Justin Jacobs
2018-12-09Version 1.09Justin Jacobs
2018-11-10Use HTTPS for VCS sourceJustin Jacobs
2018-09-20Version 1.08Justin Jacobs
2018-08-31Version 1.07Justin Jacobs
2018-08-03Version 1.06Justin Jacobs
2018-05-03Version 1.05Justin Jacobs
2018-03-12Update pkgver for 1.0Justin Jacobs
2016-02-09Fix pkgver() copy-paste errorJustin Jacobs
2015-08-18Migrate to built-in Git support for PKGBUILDJustin Jacobs
2015-08-02Don't use temporary build directoryJustin Jacobs
2015-08-02Migrate to Git-based AURJustin Jacobs