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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-17Moved from [community]Balló György
2017-11-04Change patch strip number, and reference new sha256 sum for said patchAndrew O'Neill
2017-04-25Include patch to allow build to succeed against latest valaAndrew O'Neill
2017-04-22Bump up version and fix build processAndrew O'Neill
2017-02-13New dependencies addedpoisonby
2017-02-13Fixed '/usr/lib64 exists in filesystem' errorpoisonby
2017-02-13Updated to version 2.0, added two dependenciespoisonby
2016-09-12Added gnome-keyring as a new dependency, updated url and added a new maintainerpoisonby
2016-09-09feedreader: Adjust downloaded package nameNarrat
2016-09-09feedreader: Update to 1.6.2Narrat
2016-09-09feedreader: remove install fileNarrat
2016-08-05fix makeJason Scurtu
2016-08-05new upstream releaseJason Scurtu
2016-02-05little fixJason Scurtu
2016-01-09Update to 1.4.3Jason Scurtu
2015-12-10Update to 1.4.2Jason Scurtu
2015-11-20fixed cleaner tmp patchJason Scurtu
2015-11-20applied cleaner tmp patchJason Scurtu
2015-11-17Update to 1.4.1Jason Scurtu
2015-11-17Update to 1.4.1Jason Scurtu
2015-11-13disbale run dependency: vilistextum not availble yetJason Scurtu
2015-11-13disbale run dependency: vilistextum not availble yetJason Scurtu
2015-11-13Update to 1.4.0-finalJason Scurtu
2015-10-12replaced polkit with keyring to optdependsJason Scurtu
2015-10-12added polkit-gnome to optdependsJason Scurtu
2015-10-01added patch[scujas]
2015-09-30added libgee as dependency[scujas]
2015-09-08Fixed typo[scujas]
2015-09-08Initial import[scujas]