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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-20Clean upPhilip Goto
2020-11-20Update to newest releasePhilip Goto
2020-07-28Bump versionSam Whited
2020-07-14Bump version to v0.0.0+git20200714Sam Whited
2020-07-11Bump to July 2020 releaseSam Whited
2020-05-27Bump to v0.0.0+git20200527Sam Whited
2020-04-20Update to latest tagSam Whited
2020-04-12Bump version, add aarch64Sam Whited
2020-03-04Bump to v0.0.0+git20200304Sam Whited
2020-02-28Add check functionSam Whited
2020-02-28Fix dependenciesSam Whited
2020-02-28Initial versionSam Whited