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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-18Add Python as build depGabriel Saillard
2019-11-03Clean up pkgver versioningGitSquared
2019-09-04Release new pkgverGitSquared
2019-09-04Fix package versioningGitSquared
2019-09-02Update package to reflect v3 versioningGitSquared
2019-05-02Added rsync as make deps (rsync is needed by npm to fix vulnerabilities)Lucas Malandrino
2019-04-30Update for sec patchGabriel SAILLARD (GitSquared)
2019-01-29Fixed versionLucas Malandrino
2019-01-27Update descriptionGitSquared
2018-12-21It was updated to electron 3Lucas Malandrino
2018-12-04Upadated to fit 1.1.2 and the new naming of the packageLucas Malandrino
2018-11-27Updated to 1.1.1.r13.ge050021Lucas Malandrino
2018-11-26Updated to 1.1.1+Lucas Malandrino
2018-11-25Updated versionLucas Malandrino
2018-11-24Fixed dependenciesLucas Malandrino
2018-11-23Fixed broken symlink, added gitignoreLucas Malandrino
2018-11-22Initial commitLucas Malandrino