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2020-04-03Fixed the WM_CLASS issue. It only works on XFCE at the moment though. UPSTREA...Michael Wakaba
2020-03-23Version upgrade to 1.5.114. Skipped the previous release due to issues with c...Michael Wakaba
2019-11-05Version upgrade to 0.70.122. Addresses the chromium zero day bug and adds som...Michael Wakaba
2019-10-06Version upgrade to 0.69.132. The devs removed the sketchy Brave crytpo stuff ...Michael Wakaba
2019-09-24Version upgrade to 0.68.132. Note that the home config folder name has change...Michael Wakaba
2019-08-08Version bump to 0.66.100Michael Wakaba
2019-07-14Version bump to 0.66.99Michael Wakaba
2019-06-27Fixed some dumb mistakesMichael Wakaba
2019-06-24Version bump to latest stable releaseMichael Wakaba
2019-06-18Version bump to latest stable releaseMichael Wakaba
2019-06-13Fixed the icon and menu entry issues for GNOMEMichael Wakaba
2019-06-12Fixed the icon and menu entry issues for KDEMichael Wakaba
2019-06-11Dissenter browser now follows Brave's release scheduleMichael Wakaba
2019-06-06First commit of Dissenter Browser binary packageMichael Wakaba