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2021-04-24bump to 7.76.1 and quiche 0.8.1Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2021-04-05bump to 7.76.0Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2021-02-23bump to 7.75.0 with quiche 0.7.0Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2020-11-16update curl to 7.73, quiche to master at release and fix builds for recent ↵Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
quiche versions
2020-07-01bump to 7.71.1Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2020-06-24bump to curl 7.71.0 alongside some build changesHendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
As it turns out, it is assumed, that the user takes the current master of quiche of the release date of curl. This has now been implemented by pinning the commit ref of the quiche master on the release date. This is intended to get updated on every update to this package. In addition, this package is now built in a reproducible way :)
2020-04-30bump curl to 7.70.0 and quiche to 0.3.0Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2020-01-24Bump quiche to 0.2.0Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2020-01-08bump to 7.68Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-12-19add makedepends for goHendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-11-08Initial commitHendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer