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13 daysbump to 7.76.1 and quiche 0.8.1Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2021-04-05bump to 7.76.0Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2021-02-23bump to 7.75.0 with quiche 0.7.0Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2020-11-16update curl to 7.73, quiche to master at release and fix builds for recent qu...Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2020-07-01bump to 7.71.1Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2020-06-24bump to curl 7.71.0 alongside some build changesHendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2020-04-30bump curl to 7.70.0 and quiche to 0.3.0Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2020-01-24Bump quiche to 0.2.0Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2020-01-08bump to 7.68Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-12-19add makedepends for goHendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-11-08Initial commitHendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer