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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-04upgpkg: cryptomator 1.3.1-3Morten Linderud
2017-07-22updated logger configurationSebastian Stenzel
2017-07-17Updated to version 1.3.1Tobias Hagemann
2017-06-16upgpkg: cryptomator 1.2.4-1Morten Linderud
2016-11-30Updated to version 1.2.3Sebastian Stenzel
2016-11-13Changed hash and created .install fileMorten Linderud
2016-11-12Updated to version 1.2.2Sebastian Stenzel
2016-11-10Updated to version 1.2.1Sebastian Stenzel
2016-11-01Updated to version 1.2.0Sebastian Stenzel
2016-08-14Updated version to 1.1.4Sebastian Stenzel
2016-07-08Updated version 1.1.1Sebastian Stenzel
2016-06-08applied changes regarding jdk path and jre dependencySebastian Stenzel
2016-06-08- The package build is now based on "antkit.tar.gz" instead of the fat jar "C...Sebastian Stenzel
2016-05-15Upgraded cryptomatorMorten Linderud
2016-04-14Update cryptomatorFoxboron
2016-04-03upgpkg: cryptomator 1.0.3-3Foxboron
2016-04-03upgpkg: cryptomator 1.0.3-2Foxboron
2016-04-03Initial upload: cryptomator 1.0.3-1Foxboron