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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-09Switch to original repositoryndoskrnl
2020-11-05coredns.service: add necessary capabilitiesndoskrnl
2020-11-05Coredns-wgsd initndoskrnl
2020-10-22upgpkg: coredns 1.8.0-1Simon Legner
2020-09-23upgpkg: coredns 1.7.1-1Simon Legner
2020-06-18upgpkg: coredns 1.7.0-1Simon Legner
2020-03-24upgpkg: coredns 1.6.9-1Simon Legner
2020-01-28upgpkg: coredns 1.6.7-1Simon Legner
2019-12-12upgpkg: coredns 1.6.6-1Simon Legner
2019-11-23upgpkg: coredns 1.6.5-1Simon Legner
2019-09-01update: bump version to 1.6.3Lorenzo Fontana
2019-05-22Bump version to v1.5.0Lorenzo Fontana
2019-03-13Bump version to v1.4.0Lorenzo Fontana
2019-02-21Move systemd definitions internallyLorenzo Fontana
2019-01-19Update: Bump version to v1.3.1Lorenzo Fontana
2018-12-17Update: Bump version to v1.3.0Lorenzo Fontana
2018-11-05Update: Bump version to v1.2.6Lorenzo Fontana
2018-10-30Update: Bump version to v1.2.5Lorenzo Fontana
2018-10-24Update: Bump version to v1.2.4Lorenzo Fontana
2018-10-16Update: Bump version to v1.2.3Lorenzo Fontana
2018-09-25Update: Bump version to v1.2.2Lorenzo Fontana
2018-08-28Update: Bump version to v1.2.1Lorenzo Fontana
2018-08-07Remove v in version numberLorenzo Fontana
2018-07-12Update: Bump version to v1.2.0Lorenzo Fontana
2018-06-20Update: Bump version to v1.1.4Lorenzo Fontana
2018-06-20Declaring go binaries path in PATHLorenzo Fontana
2018-05-24Bump version to v1.1.3Lorenzo Fontana
2018-05-11Fix build from source project giving a specific GOPATHLorenzo Fontana
2018-04-23Update: Bump version v1.1.2Lorenzo Fontana
2018-04-02Update: v1.1.1 build from source released tarballLorenzo Fontana