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2020-05-05Change -z to -zzAditya Mahajan
Otherwise, there were multiple errors: ``` This rsync lacks old-style --compress due to its external zlib. Try -zz. ```
2020-05-05Bugfix for a bug in the installerAditya Mahajan
2019-04-28Show context version in PS1Aditya Mahajan
2016-07-12Fix typo, again!Aditya Mahajan
2016-07-12Fix typoAditya Mahajan
graphicmagic -> graphicsmagic
2016-05-08Reduce visual output from rsyncAditya Mahajan
Remove -v from rsync flags
2016-05-08Use rsync instead of cpAditya Mahajan
mtxrun creates the cache in $srcdir/tex/texmf-cache which gets copied to $pkgdir. The cache is created in a different directory each time. After a while, the cache directory gets big. Using rsync -d deletes the old cache directories at the destination
2016-05-07Use prepare() instead of build()Aditya Mahajan
2016-04-02Adapt to new ConTeXt layoutAditya Mahajan
2016-04-02Use the more up to date git mirrorAditya Mahajan
I don't think it will make any difference but still.
2016-04-02Correctly set pkgver()Aditya Mahajan
This package does not use git. We parse the pkgver from the \contextversion macro in context.mkiv
2016-04-02Explicitly add package() {...}Aditya Mahajan
2016-04-02Exit if cannot connect to rsync serverAditya Mahajan
2016-04-02More detailed installation instructionsAditya Mahajan
2016-04-02Adding optional dependenciesAditya Mahajan
2016-04-02The command line interface of mtx-update has changed.Aditya Mahajan
2016-04-02Updated READMEAditya Mahajan
2016-04-02More precise wording of the messageAditya Mahajan
2016-04-02use mtxrun rather than luatoolsAditya Mahajan
2016-04-02Optional support for rubyAditya Mahajan
2016-04-02Force makepkg to use gzip as the compression format rather than xzAditya Mahajan
2016-04-02System architecture is given by $CARCHadityam
2016-04-02Use associative arraysAditya Mahajan
2016-04-02Changed TEXMFCACHE in setuptexadityam
Also fixed a minor problem with soft link to texlive font directory.
2016-04-02Initial uploadadityam