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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-27Patching cngpijmon for new cups APIBehnam Momeni
2016-06-01add me as maintainerMax Qian
2016-06-01Updating cnijfilter-common dep to version 4.10Behnam Momeni
2016-06-01symlinking bjlib filesBehnam Momeni
2015-10-07update/fix patches and installJohannes Dewender
2015-10-07pull in buildfiles.patch from cnijfilter-commonJohannes Dewender
2015-10-07start modifications for mx920Johannes Dewender
2015-08-04Updating dependency; cnijfilter-common=4.00Behnam Momeni
2015-06-24Using architecture specific vars for indicating dependenciesBehnam Momeni
2015-06-24Converting from split-package to normal packageBehnam Momeni
2015-06-15Switching from sha1sums to sha512sumsBehnam Momeni
2015-06-15Migrating cnijfilter-mp550 package to AUR4Behnam Momeni