path: root/PKGBUILD
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-04Version bump 2.0.3Jan Kohnert
2021-06-18Updated pkgrel/checksums for new upstream 2.0.2Jan Kohnert
2021-05-08Version bump 2.0.2Jan Kohnert
2021-05-03Set unique source name.Jan Kohnert
2021-05-01Version bump 2.0.1Jan Kohnert
2021-04-15Resolve "Version bump 2.0.0"Jan Kohnert
2021-03-04Version bump 1.8.69Jan Kohnert
2021-02-25Version bump 1.8.68Jan Kohnert
2021-02-25Version bump 1.8.66.Jan Kohnert
2021-02-14Added CI/CD.Jan Kohnert
2021-01-13Version bump v1.8.61Jan Kohnert
2020-11-20Version bump 1.8.57Jan Kohnert
2020-11-18Version bump 1.8.55Jan Kohnert
2020-11-08Version bump v1.8.54Jan Kohnert
2020-10-05Version bump 1.8.48Jan Kohnert
2020-09-17Version bump 1.8.43Jan Kohnert
2020-08-15Version bump to 1.8.42Jan Kohnert
2020-02-07Version bump 1.8.8Jan Kohnert
2019-12-10Version bump v1.7.9Jan Kohnert
2019-10-17Version bumpMatthew Sexton
2019-09-23Bumped version number.Matthew Sexton
2019-09-22Updated sha256sum, cleaned up PKGBUILDMatthew Sexton
2019-05-28update package to version 1.5.6elmo-space
2019-01-14add missing variableelmo-space
2019-01-14initial commitelmo-space