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2018-03-21New releaseÉtienne Deparis
2018-03-19Changes in LICENSE file and build idÉtienne Deparis
2018-02-15New release 1.18.0, built upon Firefox 58.0.2Étienne Deparis
2018-01-05New releaseÉtienne Deparis
2017-12-14New cliqz versionÉtienne Deparis
2017-12-04Update to 1.17.1Étienne Deparis
2017-11-28New release 1.17.0Étienne Deparis
2017-11-16Update to 1.16.3Philipp Claßen
2017-10-22Little cleanup in dependanciesÉtienne Deparis
2017-10-18New versionÉtienne Deparis
2017-09-04New cliqz releaseÉtienne Deparis
2017-07-31Fix cliqz.desktop file to allow opening url from other application. Use lates...Étienne Deparis
2017-07-10New version 1.14.1Philipp Claßen
2017-06-27New 1.14.0 versionÉtienne Deparis
2017-06-04Update to 1.13.6 againPhilipp Claßen
2017-05-31Revert "Bump to 1.13.6"Philipp Claßen
2017-05-31Bump to 1.13.6Philipp Claßen
2017-05-10Bump to 1.13.2Étienne Deparis
2017-04-14Bump to 1.12.1Étienne Deparis
2017-03-21New version 1.11.1Étienne Deparis
2017-02-15Bump to 1.11.0Étienne Deparis
2017-02-02New pkgbuild versionÉtienne Deparis
2016-12-26Initial releaseÉtienne Deparis