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2021-07-30Update to 20210730Rafael Fontenelle
2021-07-27Update to 20210726Rafael Fontenelle
2021-07-14Update to 20210713Rafael Fontenelle
2021-06-29Update to 202106028Rafael Fontenelle
2021-06-12Update to 20210610Rafael Fontenelle
2021-05-29Update to 202105020Rafael Fontenelle
2021-05-09Update to 20210505Rafael Fontenelle
2021-04-12Update to 20210412Rafael Fontenelle
2021-03-19Update to 20210317Rafael Fontenelle
2021-03-16Update to 20210315Rafael Fontenelle
2021-01-30Update to 20210126Rafael Fontenelle
2020-12-25Update to 20201223Rafael Fontenelle
2020-11-25Update to 20201125Rafael Fontenelle
2020-11-21Update to 20201116Rafael Fontenelle
2020-11-08Update to 20201031Rafael Fontenelle
2020-09-17Update to 20200917Rafael Fontenelle
2020-09-15Update to 20200910Rafael Fontenelle
2020-03-27Update to 20200325Rafael Fontenelle
2020-02-21Update to 20200217Rafael Fontenelle
2020-01-09Update to 20200109Rafael Fontenelle
2019-12-20Update to 20191219Rafael Fontenelle
2019-12-13Update to 20191213Rafael Fontenelle
2019-10-18Update to 20191018Rafael Fontenelle
2019-10-12Make extraction verbose, instead of installationRafael Fontenelle
I want to see which certificates are provided by upstream, but it is not necessary to know its installation path as the pathis only one. So, I removed the quiet flag from unzip to make it print extracted files, and I remove verbose flag from install command to make it silence.
2019-10-12Update to 20191010Rafael Fontenelle
Previous upstream releases provided a zip file with a directory named "ACcompactado" containing all certificates. This release does not provide such directory, and extracting it would put all certificates to source directory. Added "noextract" option to avoid that behavior.
2019-08-23Update to 20190823Rafael Fontenelle
This version of source zip file inovated in having all certificates inside a "" directory, so PKGBUILD adjusted to fit this change. Before it didn't have a directory, so everything was extracted to $srcdir.
2019-07-22Update to 20190722Rafael Fontenelle
2019-06-29Use HTTP in source URLRafael Fontenelle
Should not use HTTPS in the AC certificates source URL, as it WILL fail when building the package for the first time, causing the 'chicken or the egg' causality dilemma.
2019-06-09Update to 20190604Rafael Fontenelle
2019-05-08Update to 20190508Rafael Fontenelle
2019-04-15Update to 20190415Rafael Fontenelle
2019-04-09Update to 20190409Rafael Fontenelle
2019-01-25URL with https - no pkgrel bumpRafael Fontenelle
2019-01-25Update to 20190123Rafael Fontenelle
2019-01-18Update to 20190118Rafael Fontenelle
2019-01-11Update to 20190111Rafael Fontenelle
2019-01-09Update to 20190108Rafael Fontenelle
2018-12-06Update to 20181206Rafael Fontenelle
2018-10-02Update to 20181002Rafael Fontenelle
2018-09-26Update to 20180926Rafael Fontenelle
2018-09-25Update to 20180905Rafael Fontenelle
Also make certs installation verbose for storing information in package's log files and allow diffing between versions.
2018-09-05Update to 20180829Rafael Fontenelle
2018-07-24Update to 20180703Rafael Fontenelle
2018-04-21Update checksumRafael Fontenelle
Also added pkgrel to the renamed source, to allow repackaging from same release day without failing in checksum check.
2018-04-19Update to 20180419Rafael Fontenelle
2018-03-12Update to 20180306Rafael Fontenelle
2018-02-28Update to 20180228Rafael Fontenelle
2017-12-21Update to 20171221Rafael Fontenelle
2017-12-14Update sha512sums, bump pkgrelRafael Fontenelle
2017-11-30Update to 20171117Rafael Fontenelle
Changes in this commit: - Use a better url to the upstream - Remove openssl from depends