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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-16add bzr-gtk.installJohannes Dewender
2015-06-16bzr-gtk: fix 0.104 (don't build credits)Johannes Dewender
2013-01-07Split off package() part; remove “build_credits” callMartin Panter
2012-11-03Restore missing patch files and add to $source listMartin Panter
2012-08-23Tried version 0.104.0 but it still seems to have the problemMartin Panter
2012-01-03Broken attempt at version 0.103.0Marty
2011-11-08Moved to the new locationFabio Zanini
2011-04-02new mantainer, updated to version 0.100, including two patches to be implementedFabio Zanini
2011-02-06Version 0.98.0-1, from initial AUR Git repository versionJavier Aravena