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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-11-16Fix SelectCudaComputeArch, drop cuda from makedepends.bartus
2019-11-16Add python 3.8 support.bartus
2019-08-25Fix dependency logic with DISABLE_CUDA=1bartus
2019-08-24Implement DISABLE_NINJA logickbartus
2019-08-24Fix yay not honoring deps logic in PKGBUILDbartus
2019-07-17fix typo in prev commitbartus
2019-07-17fix man page conflict with blender-2.8bartus
2019-07-17add Travis CI supportbartus
2019-07-17pop pkgrelbartus
2019-07-17refactor ninja statusbartus
2019-07-17allow blender-2.8 and blender-2.7 coinstallationbartus
2019-07-17add DISABLE_CUDA env variable supportbartus
use can disable cuda makedepends with one of: . export DISABLE_CUDA=1 . DISABLE_CUDA=1 makepkg . makepkg DISABLE_CUDA=1
2019-07-16refactor cmake invocation.bartus
2019-07-16switch cmake backend from make to ninjabartus
2019-07-16update pkgverbartus
2019-07-16populate arch patches, refactor sourcebartus
2019-07-14retract locat cuda versionbartus