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2020-11-19Updated to release Kaparis
2019-12-01Updated to release Kaparis
2019-05-17Updated to release Kaparis
2018-12-24Updated to release Kaparis
2018-11-16Updated to release Kaparis
2018-11-09Updated to releaseDimitri Kaparis
2018-10-17Updated to release with warning upgrading from BTC editionDimitri Kaparis
2018-09-01Use native install target for packageDimitri Kaparis
2018-09-01Fix to unpacked source directory nameDimitri Kaparis
2018-09-01Dependencies rearrangement.Dimitri Kaparis
This qt and other optional libraries are now optdepends and related functionality (e.g. Qt5 for GUI) will only be enabled if present.
2018-09-01Converted to install current bitcoin cash (BCH) releaseDimitri Kaparis
2017-07-18v1.0.3.0André Vitor de Lima Matos
2017-05-11v1.0.2.0, with openssl-1.0André Vitor de Lima Matos
2017-05-08v1.0.1.4André Vitor de Lima Matos
Using openssl-1.0
2017-03-24Updated toé Vitor de Lima Matos
2017-03-16Initial commitAndré Vitor de Lima Matos