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2017-05-11Update to version 4.2.1Musikolo
2017-05-01Update to version 4.2.0Musikolo
2016-10-09Update to version 4.1.9Musikolo
2016-09-04Update to version 4.1.8Musikolo
2016-08-19Update to version 4.1.7Musikolo
2016-05-28Update to version 4.1.6Musikolo
2016-03-19Upgrade to vesrion 4.1.5-21031Musikolo
2016-03-09Update to version 4.1.4-20978Musikolo
2015-12-21Update to
2015-11-18Update to
2015-10-20Fix wrong path in BC_LIB variable of /usr/bin/bcompareMusikolo
2015-10-19Add support for i686 platform, plus Gnome and Xfce service menusMusikolo
2015-10-12Add qt4 as a required dependencyMusikolo
2015-10-01Update to version
2015-06-23Initial importCarlos López Sánchez