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2021-07-28configure: look for Qt5 before checking for Qt4Krzysztof Kaczmar
2021-07-19Version 11.0.5Krzysztof Kaczmar
2021-01-17Version 9.6.7; depend on QT5, current OpenSSL 1.1 and readlineKrzysztof Kaczmar
2020-06-20Updated: build()GoliathLabs
2020-06-13Updated: 9.6.5GoliathLabs
2020-04-19Updated: 9.6.3GoliathLabs
2020-02-07Updated to 9.4.4Felix Golatofski
2019-01-04Version 9.4.1Marcin Wieczorek
2018-05-07Version 9.0.7Marcin Wieczorek
2017-12-23Version 9.0.6Marcin Wieczorek
2017-03-06Version 7.4.5Marcin Wieczorek
2017-01-24Version 7.4.4Marcin Wieczorek
2016-09-18Release 7.4.3-1Marcin Wieczorek
2016-03-06Version bump 7.4.0, move workdir to -common, fix buildMaleckii
2015-11-02Remove tcp_wrappers dependencyTom Keller
2015-11-02Update maintainer in PKGBUILD, .SRCINFOTom Keller
2015-11-02Push to version 7.2, add postinst scriptTom Keller
2015-08-03Squashed commit of the following:Daniel Albers