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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-20fix buildJoakim Repomaa
2019-08-12update broken chibios url and add missing depsJoakim Repomaa
2017-03-20bump pkgrelJoakim Reinert
2017-03-20add missing dependenciesJoakim Reinert
2017-01-14fix install scriptJoakim Reinert
2017-01-14build firmare in install scriptJoakim Reinert
2017-01-14set arch to x86_64Joakim Reinert
2017-01-14apparently also needs systemd as depJoakim Reinert
2017-01-14libudev is nowadays libsystemdJoakim Reinert
2017-01-14add libudev dependencyJoakim Reinert
2017-01-14add unzip to makedepsJoakim Reinert
2017-01-14initial commitJoakim Reinert