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2021-08-29Merge pull request #24 from rjhwelsh/fix_gpsFixes positioning of icons across...Luca Capezzuto
2021-04-13menu: remove icon_size since it is blocking and demanding; fix #19Luca Capezzuto
2021-04-13menu: remove icon_size since it is blocking and demanding; fix #19Luca Capezzuto
2021-02-19Merge pull request #21 from suive/patch-1Remove hardcoded NixOS desktop appli...Luca Capezzuto
2019-06-03updatedLuca Capezzuto
2019-05-31pkgbuild updatedLuca Capezzuto
2019-05-31pkgbuild updatedLuca Capezzuto
2019-05-27pkgbuild updatedLuca Capezzuto
2019-05-25PKGBUILD updatedLuca Capezzuto
2019-05-23PKGBUILD updatedLuca Capezzuto
2019-04-05menu: remove gears.filesystem dependency to be compatible with awesome 4.0Luca Capezzuto
2018-11-10Merge pull request #12 from Sorky/patch-1Hold the generated menu in the moduleLuca CPZ
2018-10-16updated LuaRocks specLuca CPZ
2018-04-02Merge pull request #5 from newkedison/patch-1Fix typoLuca CPZ
2017-11-19upstream url updatedLuca CPZ
2017-11-06Merge pull request #4 from reinerh/masterPOSIX-compatible shell invocationLuca CPZ
2017-10-07update referencesLuca CPZ
2017-04-29Merge pull request #3 from snqlby/masteradded new arg for skip_itemsLuke Bonham
2017-02-02updated PKGBUILDcopycat-killer
2017-01-25Merge pull request #2 from zhrts/mastersmall typo herecopycat-killer
2017-01-22pkgbuild updatedcopycat-killer
2017-01-15menu: set icon sizecopycat-killer
2017-01-09menu: silenced os.executecopycat-killer
2017-01-08awesome 4.0 portcopycat-killer
2017-01-07new commitcopycat-killer
2017-01-06fixed pkgbuildcopycat-killer
2017-01-06update to awesome 4.xcopycat-killer
2016-11-06new commitcopycat-killer
2016-11-06first commitcopycat-killer