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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-04-06Update to 4.0.0Lucas Werkmeister
2021-01-11Update to 3.17.0Lucas Werkmeister
2020-09-03Update to 3.16.0Lucas Werkmeister
2020-05-26Update to 3.15.0Lucas Werkmeister
2020-03-06Update to 3.14.0Lucas Werkmeister
2019-10-14Update to 3.13.1Lucas Werkmeister
2019-09-29Update to 3.13.0Lucas Werkmeister
2019-09-19Update to 3.12.0Lucas Werkmeister
2019-05-05Update to 3.11.0Lucas Werkmeister
The checksum algorithm stayed stable this time, yay.
2019-02-17Update to 3.10.0Lucas Werkmeister
In the last commit, I switched the checksum from SHA-1 to SHA2-512 because that was all that was available on the download index [1]; this time, only SHA2-512 is available again, so let’s switch the checksum back again. (I have no idea what the Apache folks are doing there, to be honest. Whatever.) [1]:
2018-10-24Update to 3.9.0Lucas Werkmeister
The download index [1] now only has SHA-1 files (though the main download page [2] continues to link to SHA2-512 files), so the hash algorithm in the PKGBUILD is updated accordingly. [1]: [2]:
2018-07-05Update to 3.8.0Lucas Werkmeister
2018-05-30Initial commitLucas Werkmeister
Does not include the systemd service shipped by upstream yet, since I’m not sure how useful that will be without local customizations.